Introducing skin gritting: The new way to remove blackheads

This hack is gross but amazing.

By Erin Cook

When it comes to blackheads, some dermatologists reckon it's better to just leave them be. While that's great and all, we're going to politely ignore this advice and continue on our quest to find the most effective method of eradicating blackheads.

Enter skin gritting.

This new means of removing blackheads – born out of Reddit's SkincareAddiction forum – comprises of three steps: cleansing with an oil, using a clay mask and then doing an oil cleanse again. If these photos are anything to go off, this method gets results:

Basically, the idea is that the first cleanse removes any product from your skin so the clay mask can get to work, drawing any blackheads and sebaceous filaments to the surface. Then, once the mask is washed off, the second round of oil cleansing dislodges those clogged pores.

However, not everyone is convinced that 'skin grits' are actually blackheads. There's a good chance they're comprised of dead skin cells, makeup and residue leftover from the products. Speaking to Refinery 29, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi said they could be legit. "Clay is known to have the ability to grab the debris and then lift it out of pores," Dr. Tanzi said. "But people with sensitive skin should be very careful with this type of treatment, since the combination of clay (which can be drying) and rigorous exfoliation could be way too irritating."

All we know is that skin gritting looks satisfying AF.

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