Sleep really does make you prettier

New research shows that “beauty sleep” is an actual thing…

Sleep makes you prettier

We all know that getting a good amount of shuteye has a range of benefits for our health. It allows you to concentrate better, you’re less likely to get sick, your mood improves and it can even prevent you from putting on weight. But behold – another benefit has emerged that we’re seriously excited about. Sleep has been proven to make us more attractive. Yes, really.

A study conducted by University Hospital Case Medical Centre in Ohio examined the process of “catabolysis”, which is a natural purification process that helps your skin cells get rid of internal debris that can cause cellular damage. Translation: it’s the important process that eliminates the stuff that can diminish your beautiful looks. The researchers investigated catabolysis in connection to our sleep and their results were seriously surprising.

They found that people who didn’t get enough shuteye lost 30 percent more water 72 hours after a skin barrier disruption, such as exposure to UV light, than those who regularly get their required amount of snooze time.

Our skin cells are running on a natural 24-hour rhythm, repairing themselves at night and protecting themselves during the day; so less time spent sleeping means your skin has less ability to repair and replenish itself. Hello: dull and dry skin!

The real clincher? The study found that poor sleepers had twice the amount of signs of ageing. Think: fine lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity and slower recovery time from sunburn. So how can you get the best sleep possible to look the best you possibly can?

Don’t stress if you can’t sleep

According to sleep expert Doctor Guy Meadows if you wake up in the night and can’t sleep, always stay in bed. “Conserve your energy by lying still and being calm and relaxed. Be mindful and welcome your thoughts and emotions.”

Stop drinking coffee by 2pm

If your last latte is around 2pm it’ll mean that you won’t have to contend with caffeine keeping you awake when you hit the hay.

Ditch the rituals

Do you drink a glass of milk or have a warm bath before bed? These rituals might actually be putting more pressure on yourself to be able to sleep. “Follow a normal wind down of turning off the TV, getting ready for the next day, brushing your teeth, washing your face, reading in bed if you want to and then turning out the light,” says Dr Guy.

Tried all this and still aren’t a great sleeper? Don’t stress; beauty companies like Estée Lauder are already commissioning research into beauty products that enhance the process of catabolysis. So it’ll essentially be like a good night’s sleep in a jar.