Star sign tattoos are here to take your astrology obsession to the next level

Reppin' your constellation.

There's no doubt that we're super interested in our star signs and how they make us who we are. We love that we can turn to astrology to tell us why we're single AF, and on the flipside of that, they can also help a sister out by explaining what exactly makes you so attractive to others.

Michigan-based cosmetic tattoo artist Jessica Knapik understands this connection between star signs and an individual's unique traits. So she created a service that combines cosmetic tattooing and astrology.

AstroFrecks, Knapik's latest offering, allows you to include your star sign's constellation within your cosmetic freckle application. And while the idea of a face tattoo may not sound like the greatest idea — we're looking at you Beibs — her designs are applied in the same natural look as the rest of your freckles, so that they blend in.

It's the special, yet secretive, nature of these tattoos that inspired her to introduce AstroFrecks to her clients. "I love things with hidden meanings," said Knapik to Bustle, "This way you could get your Mom's astrological sign, your Dad's, your Grandma's, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says 'Mom.'"

Just as she would do with any other cosmetic tattoo, Knapik uses a variety of application and tattooing techniques that are less harsh on your facial skin. She also mixes different pigments to ensure the colour of your freckles are natural looking and true to your complexion.

In response to one of her Instagram followers, who was concerned about how dark the freckles would come out, Knapik had this to say: "They should lighten a little. We pick colours together, but if someone wanted to go lighter, they could. We've got options." She also assured that the tattoos are semi-permanent and should only last for about two years. So unlike that tattoo of your ex's name you thought was a fab idea at the time, you have the room to be experimental without the regrets.

And although she's only applied AstroFrecks to one client so far, she loves that she can give her client something meaningful in her art and is more than ready for more star sign freckle requests to come at her. "I'm one of those people who can't just do things the easy way. I have to put my own spin on it" said Knapik to Bustle. "Yes, this does create a little more work and planning on my end, but it's totally worth it to do something unique and special for my client."

And now we wait for astrological tats to take over our social feeds.