The anti-shaving movement

The Hairy Legs Club is a Tumblr dedicated to ladies who’ve ditched their razors and embraced the fuzz.

The anti-shaving movement

You’d probably be in the minority if you didn’t secretly love winter for allowing you to relax your shaving schedule and cover up with 70-denier stockings. But some pioneering ladies reckon it’s totally OK to say farewell to your razor (or waxing therapist) for good.

The Hairy Legs Club is a Tumblr account that celebrates the unshaven legs of women worldwide. Users submit their own images or written experiences, and other women offer up advice or words of encouragement.

The women who take part believe in questioning why hair-free legs are now ‘the norm’, with the blog's tagline reading, “This blog is dedicated to females with very hairy legs. Let our legs be the champions!”

“When I first stopped shaving my legs it took a while for me to feel confident about it...Seeing pictures of other women doing the same helped me get used to it...” one user told MailOnline.

“I guess I post mine now because I like them - I like the way they look and that they remind me I'm not obligated to do anything I don't want with my body,” she adds.

Whether you're a fan of au natural hair or not, we say power to the women who have the confidence to get involved!