The lazy girl’s guide to Kate Bosworth’s Coachella braid

It's WAY easier than you think.

Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, microbraids and petite plaits will take your hairstyle to the NEXT LEVEL. Kate Bosworth is the latest to add a bit more interest to her part and Elizabeth Banks rocked one late last year. If these style icons are anything to go by we need no further convincing that this trend is HAPPENING, and we're obsessed.

Before you start:

Whilst styling your hair, keep in mind you’ll need to pull out a small section of hair (about an inch in width) to plait later.

Step 1: Using a comb, section off about an inch of hair at your crown and spritz it with detangling spray. Comb this through to avoid knots. It will also help smooth down any flyaways so your plait looks slicker.

Step 2: Plait this section of hair. Then, as you near the end of your lengths flip your plait towards your forehead. If it’s too long you can always undo a few overlapping pieces.

Step 3: Split the ends of your plait into two sections, tucking them behind your ears if you can, and secure in place with bobby pins.

TIP: If your hair isn’t long enough to tuck behind your ears you can always push the bobby pin into your hair (making it invisible) further up towards your part.

Step 4: Retouch your hairstyle if needed and finish with hair spray.