You’re doing your makeup all wrong

Even the best products can’t save you from bad application. Let’s go back to beauty school.

By Cosmo Team
You’re doing your makeup all wrong

Foundation: The trick is to match your foundation shade to your chest, rather than your face, because the face and neck are typically the palest parts of the body. Apply a sheer foundation, then layer some concealer only on the areas that need it. An entire face full of heavy foundation can end up looking fake.

Concealer: For under-eye circles, look for a brightening concealer rather than one that’s full coverage or lighter than your foundation. But don’t use it on spots as it will draw attention to them – instead use a shade as close as possible to your skin tone.

Brows: Neglecting our eyebrows is one of the most common mistakes that we all make. If you have full brows, simply brush them into place. For those with sparse brows, fill them in using a pencil or matte eyeshadow that matches the existing eyebrow shade, and apply using a small angled brush.

Eyeliner: Always make sure the heaviest part of your eyeliner is on the top eyelid, not the bottom, otherwise it will drag the entire face down. If you have small eyes, it’s best to avoid bottom liner altogether. When applying eyeliner on top, work from the middle of your eyelid outwards. This is the most flattering technique.

Highlighter: Choose the right shade – an eggshell colour on pale skin or a golden colour on tanned skin.

Bronzer: Tap your brush after swirling it in bronzer or you’ll get obvious streaks. Start slow, buffing into the temples, under the cheekbones and brushing lightly across the chin and down the nose.

Blush: Don’t smile and apply to the apples of cheeks, as when you stop smiling your rosy cheeks will lower, which can be ageing. A light sweep across the top of the cheeks will create a natural-looking flush.

Lipliner: Choose your lip liner according to the lip colour you intend to fill your lips in with – aim to have them as close in colour as possible. Stick to the outline of your lips and only ever go slightly over to enhance fullness; if you do this, make sure you blend well. Don’t go drawing on an entire new set of lips.

Nude lipstick: Nudes should really be called “rose” or “earth” shades. It’s far from flattering when your lips are so nude that they blend into your face and you can no longer see them, so avoid any colours that resemble foundation or concealer.