The secret product behind the best brows in Hollywood

It's tacky in all the right ways.

By Meg Bellemore
Olivia Culpo brows

If Olivia Culpo isn’t already on your radar, she should be. The former Miss Universe winner just won awards season as far as we’re concerned, introducing us to fresh AF beauty looks at every last red carpet event.

While she is ~blessed~ with flawless skin, mermaid hair and a glam squad to rival the Kardashian's, it’s her brows we can’t stop staring at. Srsly. LOOK at them.

Because we’re not alone in obsessing over these arches, Culpo gave Stylish by Us Weekly a run down on how she keeps them in shape.

First up, she brushes them upwards and trims any rogue hairs. “Think of them as a downward staircase from the peak to the base,” she told Stylish. “You want the peak of the brow to have the most hair, so that area should have the longest hairs, then you want to get shorter as you reach the base. That helps shape and frame the face.”

After that, she does all the regular stuff, fills them in with a little brow pencil, sets them with hairspray applied using a spoolie brush, but THEN, drops this beauty bomb.

“Some people use Elmer’s Glue or hair wax.” WUT?

ICYMI, Elmer's Glue is school craft glue, meaning it's a really light-weight adhesive that actually makes a pretty genius brow setting solution.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH. This stuff needs to be washed off not peeled off. After a day of your strongest brow game ever, smooth hair conditioner onto your brows, let it sit for ten minutes, then the solution will come off with ease.

Who knew Culpo was so crafty?