Kim Kardashian gave fans a rare glimpse of her natural hair on Instagram

It’s a lot shorter than we imagined.

By Erin Cook

Kim Kardashian doesn't make any effort to hide the fact that she loves a good wig. On an average week, Kim's colour and length changes far too rapidly for her hair to be her own. One day, you'll find her sporting a chic blonde lob and the next, she'll walk the red carpet with mermaid locks.

Recently, for the first time in forever, Kimmy K gave her followers a rare glimpse of her natural hair on Instagram. She posted a video of her hair in two braids that juuust reached her shoulders.

Turns out, Kim's hair is a lot shorter than we expected.

Earlier this year, Kim's wig wearing habits were brought to our attention when the internet discovered that she had been sharing wigs with Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell. Based off an interview Shay gave to Refinery 29, probably use the same wigs owned by their mutual hairstylist Christopher Appleton. "Christopher has hundreds [of wigs], so when we work together, I get to use whatever wigs he brings," Shay said.