Have An Itchy Scalp? This Could Be The Cause.

Itch be gone!

Not many of us can say that dry shampoo hasn’t been a saving grace on more than one occasion. And we’re often guilty of tying our hair into a quick top-knot to put off washing it. If you’re a repeat offender of the above, then you’re probably familiar with the feeling of an irritated scalp. To save you itching away, we’ve reached out to De Lorenzo’s Education Manager, Megan Yabsley, to decode our irritated scalps and find out how exactly we can bring them back to a non-irritated state.

Considering the rising trend in washing your hair less, and overuse of products such as dry shampoo in between washes, it’s no surprise that more and more of us are experiencing an irritated scalp. “People think it is best not to wash their hair for a week! This is not correct in most cases,” says Yabsley. “Our hair traps dead skin, sebum and pollutants, so it has no way of escaping from the scalp unlike the rest of the skin on our body.” Not to mention there are more oil glands on the scalp in comparison to the rest of your skin, so you’re already on the back foot there.

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Okay, so some of us are already doing the whole ‘holding-off-from-washing-out-hair’ wrong, but what about those of us who wash our hair regularly but still get itchy or irritated scalps? “Regular shampooing is advised, but not only that. Giving your scalp a thorough exfoliation with a good quality brush to lift the matter up off the scalp is also important,” says Yabsley. “Those who don’t brush their scalps tend to get congested scalps.”

In fact, almost anything left on the scalp for too long, such as leave-in treatments or styling products, can start to build-up and will cause irritation, so shampoo regularly, crack that brush out and stay away from any ingredients which aren’t water soluble, such as petro chemicals, lanolin or beeswax.

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Besides a build-up of product, an irritated scalp could also be caused by a number of other internal or external factors, such as a change in season. “Moving into summer, swimming in chlorine and salt water, perspiration and heat can cause further irritation if left on the scalp for too long,” says Yabsley. “Some people may experience a dry scalp over winter, usually due to the lack of UV rays and the change in the humidity caused by heating and exposure to the cold.”

So are there any other top tips to giving that itchy feeling the boot? “Massage stimulates circulation,” says Yabsley. “By stimulating the circulation, the blood is brought nearer to the surface of the skin and aids in creating a healing environment.”

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