This is why you keep getting pimples in the same spot


By Erin Cook

Do you know what's worse than a giant pimple? A giant pimple that springs up in the exact same place as a spot that just warded off.

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SO not fair.

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Speaking to Stylecaster, Yale dermatologist Mona Gohara explained why some spots keep popping up in the same place, over and over (and over) again. "If we're talking about your classic, raised pimple with a visible whitehead, then chances are, it was spread by you picking at your skin or popping a nearby pimple at some point," he said.

"Each time you pop your zits or try to squeeze them at all, you transmit bacteria into your other pores, while also causing inflammation in the surrounding tissue." While popping pimples might be so satisfying in the short term, it cause more pimples in the long term.

You also need to be careful about what treatments you're putting on your skin, in a bid to kill the zit. "When someone has a pimple, they tend to douse it with a ton of irritating, drying spot treatments, which weakens their skin's barrier and compromises their good, healthy cells," Gohara continued.

"And when you irritate an already-compromised skin barrier and throw a bunch of bacteria into it from picking and squeezing, you're pretty much asking for re-occurring breakouts."

Basically, you have to stop picking at your face, girl.