Vlogger Tina Yong shows us what makeup looks like under a microscope — and it's pretty confronting

Once you see what foundation looks like in your pores, you’ll never look at it the same way again.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
tina yong youtube

If Dr Pimple Popper's addictive extraction videos are your jam, oh boy, do we have a gem for you.

YouTuber and current Cosmo cover girl, Tina Yong, took to her channel to play scientist and show her two million followers what her skin looks like under a microscope — both with and without makeup.

After scoping her blackhead- and blemish-free cheek, the vlogger moved down her face to find something she was NOT impressed with: a big ol' zit. Now, we're not sure about you, but we've never seen a pimple this up close and personal.

Scrolling over it, Tina compares the bright red bump she finds to jelly. Cue us all feeling a little queasy but totally unable to look away.

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Hovering over her stretched-out chin, she finds a decent amount of oil glistening in her lines. Her upper lip and forehead are pretty much the same oil-wise. Please excuse us while we blot our t-zones.

Finally, she takes a real good look at her lashes, and finds black specks of what seems to be old mascara chilling between each creepy magnified hair. This is a lesson to us all: remove your eye makeup properly!

Are you ready? Here comes the good stuff.

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After apply a generous layer of foundation, pencilling in her brows, coating her lashes in mascara and brushing highlighter all-over her face, she is ready for round two. And things pan out a little differently…

On a positive note, her highlighter looks like actual diamonds on her skin, so that's a definite plus! But her partly-concealed pimple isn't such a pretty picture.

Going back to her chin, she was less than impressed to find her foundation sitting in her lines. BRB, we're washing every spec of makeup off of our skin.

Zooming in on her brow hairs, she finds them coated to the sh*thouse with brow gel and even some illuminator. And her lashes are just as creepy, with Tina comparing her mascara-layered lashes to "little spiders". Is anyone else starting to itch?

Mild shuddering aside, we cannot stop watching this peak into what our skin actually looks like when made up, and we think we may lay off our foundation and mascara for a little while.

Cheers Tina for taking one for the skin-obsessed team!

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