Tips for base perfection

Struggling to find your foundation fit? Use these tips to help get your best base.

Don't test on your hand. Use your jawline. The shade that "disappears" into the skin is your colour.

Can't reapply during the day? Try long-wearing formulas. They offer the best all-day coverage.

Don't apply it like moisturiser! Use a small amount. Start at your nose and work outwards - you'll never get tide lines this way.

Feel like foundation gives you a chalky complexion? You need a more hydrating formula, and always apply primer first.

Suffer serious shine? Ditch liquid formulas and go for a compact foundation instead. The consistency is naturally heavier, so it easily conceals any oil.

Foundation can cause sensitive skins to break out. Switch to a mineral foundation (in either powder or liquid form) to nix any irritation.

If your complexion is truly combination, use two different bases. Use a matte formula down your T-zone to stop shine, and a sheer one on the outer face to promote glow. Rimmel's Fresher Skin foundation is light, sheer and breathable enough that your face won't feel loaded.

Lucky enough to have great skin? Ditch foundation and use tinted cream instead. Or mix up half-base, half-moisturiser for a super-sheer coat.