Unicorn hair is the latest thing

And it's magical!

By Cassidy Loane
Unicorn hair is the latest thing

This is the hair you ~DrEAmeD~ of as a little kid as you stroked the silky tail of your My Little Pony.

Not for the faint-hearted, this style pretty much transforms you into a mystical, magical unicorn – because who doesn’t want to be a unicorn!

Create your own ~hOrNy~ look by wrapping hair around a ponytail base. Make sure your pony is on the very top of your head and create a loop by leaving some hair pulled out half way. Then just wrap the rest of your hair around the loop to create the cone shape = INSTANT UNICORN!

Check out Youtuber Venus Angelic who totally predicted this trend and created her own #unicornhair back in 2012.

There's also a braided version. *So versatile!

Happy Unicorning!