This unicorn eyeliner looks v. difficult but also v. magical

We are willing to practice.

Is it just us, or is everyone obsessed with unicorns right now? There’s unicorn highlighter. Oh, and unicorn chocolate too! Plus, if you’ve got a unicorn obsessed mate, there’s at LEAST 10 different unicorn themed presents you can buy them for Christmas.

Are we over the unicorn thing yet?

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We’ve recently discovered a ~magical~ unicorn winged eye on Instagram. If you’re aboard the unicorn train, we think you’re going to like this one.

Here she is.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Although, if we’re being honest – which we are, BTW – the difficulty rating on this one looks quite high. We can see around five different colours happening and that is a lot, even for beauty junkies.

Kristen Makeup, the woman who created this look, is apparently thinking about turning it into a tutorial. She’s polling her followers on whether or not they’d like her to do one as we speak.

So, let’s all collectively ask Kristen to go ahead with the tutorial? K, THANX, BYE.

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