Urban Decay's latest beauty muse is an 88-year-old grandma

Her fave beauty prod? Urban Decay Setting Spray. And her go-to playlist? Anything Drake.

Baddie Winkle

You’ve seen bad-ass granny Baddiewinkle all over Instagram, and now, her IDGAF attitude 2.6 million of us are obsessed with, has won her the coveted position of ‘Monthly Muse’ for makeup juggernaut, Urban Decay.

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Urban Decay are all about playing with colour and breaking the makeup rules, making 88-year-old Baddie Winkle the ultimate brand ambassador.

They flew Baddie from her hometown Tennessee to LA to do a photo-shoot for the brand, Baddie took them on what we presume was THE best tour of the city’s coolest spots, and she also revealed all her secrets to being a flawless kween.

When asked what gives her an ‘edge’, she says “My age. ‘I’m old, I’m 88, but I also have a pretty good figure.”

And the beauty products that make her feel the most powerful? “Eyeshadow and lipstick. I luuurve lipstick!” she says.

Her obsession with colour isn’t just an Instagram-era thing either.

Baddie says, "I’ve always been stylish and I love colours. Colourful clothes inspire me. I love ’em!"

We feel like we’ll be seeing more and more of this groovy granny in the beauty sphere, but for now, we're living through uploads like this: