How to contour with sticky tape

This is taking things to a whole new (extreme) level.

There’s been Christmas contouring, henna contouring, clown contouring and even tontouring. But if you thought we’d already explored all contouring possibilities you’re mistaken, because people are now going to extreme lengths to contour their face with sticky tape.

So, if you have a spare 5 hours in the morning, this is the makeup trick for you.

The sticky tape technique is captured in an Instagram video by beauty blogger Huda Kattan and it shows you exactly how to contour using tape, quote:

“Easiest way to contour your face!”

While Huda does make it look easy enough with her super skillz, we’re not so sure our application would mirror hers.

In fact, it would probs look a little more like this:

That said, we certainly bow down to Huda's creativity, as well as to anyone brave enough to try this style of contouring.