VIDEO: This ingrown hair removal is so, so satisfying

Hate how much we love this.

By Erin Cook

There are two types of people in the world: those who love hair/cyst/blackhead removal videos and those who don't.

If you fall in to the former category, boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you. If you fall into the latter, please look away – things are about to get messy.

Over the past two days, the below ingrown hair removal video has racked up nearly three million views on Facebook.

The video was shared by Medical Today and shows an ingrown hair removal in extreme detail.

If you're a real sicko, watch the whole thing until the end to see it again and again in slow motion.

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TBH, we're embarrassed to admit how many times we've watched this video.

This extremely satisfying ingrown removal is rivalled only by Dr Pimple Popper's jaw dropping extractions. Dr Pimple Popper – otherwise known as Dr Sandra Lee – is a Californian dermatologist who has made a living out of dealing with everything from clusters of huge-ass blackheads to infected cysts. Watch the video below to see her in action.