Kylie Jenner got an EPIC new haircut

And she shared the whole process on Snapchat.

We’ve started having withdrawals from Kylie Jenner’s wigs because she’s kept her hair pretty natural so far this year. That was, until now.

In a series of posts on Snapchat, Kylie let us sit in on a hair cutting session with celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin (who tends to the whole family’s tresses), and her new 'do is actually highly unnatural, because nobody’s hair grows in an asymmetric fashion.

The asymmetrical bob was apparently inspired by Vogue Australia’s Fashion Director and close pal to the Wests, Christine Centenera. (Who is seriously chic, so we can’t blame Kylie for emulating her vibes).

Above everything in the vids though, the thing that really caught our eye was just how lush Kylie’s hair is, and as she reveals, her “tracks” (AKA hair extensions) give her that thickness boost.

Anyone else have an inkling asymmetrical cuts will dominate now?

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