Watch Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist overdraw her lip line

Is somebody copying Kylie?

Pass us the lip liner pronto because Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has revealed how he makes her pout look fuller and it’s all in the pencil work. Kylie, much?

In a recent neutral lip tutorial, Mario explained “Kim loves a very creamy, peachy nude lip so we’ll show you how to achieve that look.”

He applies Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Pencil in Iconic Nude using light-handed strokes along the lip line (think feathery) which helps the lips appear more naturally full, as opposed to a ‘90s-esque block line of colour.

Along with showing us that nifty technique (which cuts down on asymmetric mistakes), Mario talked through how he joins the dots.

“Start out on the very outer corner, I’m gonna bring it down towards the centre of the lip here and same thing on the top. Starting with the outer corner, bringing it to the centre of the Cupid’s bow there," said Mario. "This is an easier technique when lining the lips cause you can do the same exact thing on the other side and then meet up in the middle and attach the two sides.”

You can also upgrade your plump factor by adding a gloss. The shine helps create that inflated illusion.

Duck face

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