Watch Kylie Jenner’s intense everyday makeup routine

It involves 24 products, just sayin’.

Kylie Jenner is one of those lucky peeps who gets her face pimped by professional makeup artists ALL THE TIME. But that’s not to say her own brush beatin’ skills aren’t boss. In fact in her latest video, Kylie proves her makeup skills are on point by demonstrating her everday look.

“This is my everyday glam. I’m gonna try to do it in twenty minutes.”

She starts by applying her moisturiser with her fingers GASPS (instead of that cool brush technique she showed us a while back), and then fills in her eyebrows.

“If you ever like colour them too dark, don’t you fear. Brush it through,” she advises.

Next, Kylie applies her Makeup Forever HD Foundation (which she’s mixed with another more lightweight foundation) using a “pretty bomb” Tarte brush. If her skin is anything to go by, that’s a winning combo.

Her hot tip: stand in front of a window if you don’t have her fancy Glam Room lights to double check whether the colour of your foundation is “all good in the hood”.

She then whips out her concealer (which she dots under her eyes, down her forehead, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow and chin). A sponge wedge comes in handy for blending her concealer and foundation despite her not using it correctly – she knows she should wet it first but she’s “too lazy” to walk to the bathroom.

No look is complete without bronzing, highlighting, eye contouring, lash curling or mascara. And she dishes out another cracking tip: leave any mascara you get on your eyelids there to dry, because then it will just flake off later. GENIUS.

She still overdraws her lip line like the Pout Kween that she is, but above everything else, all that hard work isn’t worth it unless that shiz stays in place. So she mists a setting spray all over her face.

That should be a rap song.