Watch Kylie Jenner feed Kendall Jenner bacon while she has her makeup done

Just casually living the dream.

You’d think that models would be having their makeup manically applied backstage during New York Fashion Week and TBH most of them probably are, but there is an exception: Kendall Jenner.

Just when you thought we had all the evidence we needed for the “Kendall Jenner Killin’ It” file, Kylie goes and shares a BTS video of Kendall lounging around in a plush robe while a makeup artist brushes her face with powder and the like.

Then, the ultimate happens.

During the video, Kylie proceeds to feed Kendall with bacon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) like the boss that she is, and Kendall loves it sick.

Is there anyone in this goddamn world who we can pay to do this for us every day? Please say yes.

And while Kendall is fully living out our bacon beauty dreams, she’s also in a bit of a pickle. (Does that mean we can we sum up her whole situation RN as a hamburger?).

Turns out, she’s apparently suing Cutera, Inc., a skin treatment company, for using her name and photo to promote Laser Genesis (an acne treatment) without her permission.

According to reports, she’d generally charge an “eight figure sum” for endorsements like these.

"The right to associate Kendall Jenner's name and likeness in connection with a product or service belongs solely to Kendall Jenner and is protected by federal and state law," Todd Wilson, Kendall’s lawyer, told TMZ.

So all in all, Kendall is one savvy, bacon-eating business woman.