These brave men tried eyelash extensions and filmed it for our viewing pleasure

And they’re legit obsessed with them.

Thanks to the clever people over at Buzzfeed, we’ve been able to witness many a men trying things for the very first time in life, like contouring and braiding, and it’s entertaining stuff to say the least.

But guys trying eyelash extensions? Now, that’s what we’re talkin’ ‘bout!

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Buzzfeed have gone ahead and done just that, capturing two guys popping their eyelash extension cherries, and the video is serious bargaining power for us ladies.

Why you ask?

Well, next time a guy rants and raves about eyelash extensions being a waste of money, send him this link.

Once he hears what these male guinea pigs thought about their eyelash extensions he’ll basically be offering to pay (OK maybe not, because they can be exxy).

But seriously, the guys are OB-SESSED with their faux length and they will convince every male they’re totally worth having done.

The eyelash technician opted for a more natural look on the men, but they’re still left with flutter-worthy lashes compared to what they had.

In fact, we’re jealous.

One of the guys was loving himself sick after one squiz in the mirror saying, "I felt like my eyes were just popping left and right!"

In all seriousness though, we wouldn’t be surprised if these guys book a top up.