This chick swears her daily jizz facials are the shiz

WTAF. No, seriously, WTAF.

We’re used to having our ~minds blown~ by beauty blogger’s tips and tricks but a new YouTube tutorial demonstrating how to perform a semen facial is NEXT LEVEL. Prepare to throw up in your mouth a little bit, but to also be intrigued at the same time.


Tracey Kiss from Wendover, Buckinghamshire, gives herself a daily sperm facial and claims it’s worked wonders on her rosacea – a condition where sufferers can experience inflamed, red skin, along with pustules, which can all be difficult to treat.

So to improve her complexion, Tracey receives semen donations from a friend in a takeaway container on a daily basis. She also clarifies in the video she’s not involved in the extraction of the semen. Phew.

Tracey explains her semen donator's diet and the time of day he ejaculates really influences how much semen she receives, as well as the consistency. FULL-ON.

So it’s a pretty big commitment to be that guy, because for the best skin results the sperm sample needs to be as clean as possible (AKA no drugs, smoking or alcohol 48 hours before he gets down to business).

Tracey describes her facial as “absolutely beautiful” and believes it has helped reduce her redness, improved her skin’s texture and made it feel more hydrated.

While that sounds like some pretty sweet benefits, there is a downside too – the stench of the stuff. So Tracey recommends having incense on during the application to diffuse the smell.


That said though, if the donator’s diet is on fleek (which it should be if they’re following the above rule), you’ve got nothing to worry about.

“If you find somebody that is very healthy in their diet, it won’t have the same tang to it and smell. So it all depends on the individual really.”

She also proved she’s an expert on different types of sperm.

“I think this loose semen is the least fragrant and the thicker and more dried out it is, the more kind of pungent it becomes, so definitely try to use it as fresh as possible.”

If you’re totally grossed out by this whole regime, there is a silver lining. If you could call it that?

Sperm contains protein, zinc and magnesium (along with other nutrients) which can help with cellular repair and making your skin feel smooth.

So it seems Tracey’s onto something.

But more than anything, we’re concerned for her male friend who has a seriously exhausting task at hand everyday. (Get it?).

We guess we’ve never really considered getting spunk all up in your grill to be a facial, but we suppose we'll reconsider... never.