What's the deal with violet shampoo and do you really need it?

Purple reign.

By BTYB Fudge
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They say that blondes have more fun, but what many new or non-blondes don't realise is that living your best non-brassy life is a hell of a lot of work — unless you have Khloé Kardashian's glam squad on speed dial.

Washing, styling, product build-up, chlorine, ocean swims and glorious summer sunshine can all mess with your salon-grade colour, leaving blonde hair looking yellow and dull.

Enter: violet toning shampoo. The winning kit hit all blondes need in their life. Not convinced? Here's everything you need to know about purple shampoo, how it can save your platinum hair and how often you should use it. Prepare to take notes.

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How does violet shampoo actually work?

Let's take it back to basics with a little colour knowledge. Purple and yellow are proof that opposites attract. Sure, they may sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel, but when it comes to beating brassiness, they are the best of friends.

Just like violet colour correctors can counteract dull, sallow tones in your complexion, violet shampoos can balance out any brassy, yellow hues in your hair. Here's the science: When you wash your hair with violet shampoo, your strands absorb some of the pigment, cancelling out any yellow undertones and serving up a beautiful, cool tone.

Are all violet shampoos created equal?

The super-pigmented nature of most violet shampoos is going to transform blonde hair from brassy to classy (lol) in a matter of minutes. Whether you're platinum blonde, a golden Blake Lively-kinda blonde, have blonde highlights or are that rarer-than-a-unicorn find — a natural blonde — incorporating a violet shampoo into your haircare routine is a no-brainer. It'll leave your hair brighter and shinier and it's way cheaper than heading to the salon for a toner.

The two key benefits of violet shampoo are: it protects your colour and it makes your colour last longer. Certain purple-toned shampoos offer additional benefits outside of being the guardian of great colour though. The new Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to reconstruct damage hair as well as erasing blonde tones thanks to their Opti-PLEX technology formula. The product is getting rave reviews of the Internet with one Beautyheaven member saying the range does the same great work as her regular toning shampoo, "but it makes my hair feel so so so so so amazing! Silky smooth, shiny and healthy."

How often should you use violet toning shampoo?

Depending on the product you choose, and the level of brassiness you're trying to beat, you can use a violet shampoo daily or save it as weekly ritual designed to brighten your blonde and kick-start the week.

If your hair is super-fine, make sure you stick to the recommended 20 cent piece pour, and be sure to rinse out the shampoo thoroughly. You'll get instant gratification, too. One wash is all it takes for some much-needed blonde boosting.

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