This viral underwater makeup tutorial is honestly next level

Giving a whole new meaning to waterproof makeup.

meplusfashion underwater makeup tutorial instagram

Whether it's a demo on how to get the perf pimple poppin' nails, or an eight-year-old girl using a pad to blot her makeup, whack makeup tutorials truly give us life! So when we came across this underwater makeup tutorial, we were left feeling both shocked and blessed.

The now viral video, shared by Instagram account @meplusfashion, shows a woman successfully applying a full face of makeup while fully submerged in water, and honestly, we don't know how she did it!

The makeup artist starts her underwater beauty look by blending a vibrant pink blush into her cheeks, and continues by filling in her brows with a tinted gel and even manages to contour her nose. She then curls her lashes with an eyelash curler, applies a mascara and tops the look off with matte nude lip, all the while keeping her eyes fully open and a huge smile on our face.

And she's not the only one who got the memo on pools being the new place to put on your face. Just days before this cray tutorial was posted, @meplusfashion shared a similar video of a different girl also applying a matte lip colour underwater.

TBH we would not look that cute applying makeup on dry land, never mind while holding our breath and struggling to keep our eyes open underwater.