WATCH: Dermaplaning is the most hypnotically satisfying beauty treatment you'll ever see

Apparently, shaving your face isn’t just for men.

By Erin Cook

PSA: Shaving your face has turned into a serious beauty trend on YouTube and, surprisingly, we’re not 100% against it. In fact, quite the opposite – we can’t stop watching!

This new and improved version of face shaving is called dermaplaning.

Not only does dermaplaning shave those tiny little hairs off your face, it exfoliates as well! YAS pls – we love a multi-tasking beauty treatment.

This procedure involves the use of a scalpel, which is run along clean, dry skin. Due to the sharp objects involved, dermaplaning requires the help of a professional, obvs.

Basically, those baby hairs trap debris and oils in your skin, so removing them gives your skin a nice glow.

Watch the video below for the full dermaplaning treatment:

Who knew watching someone have their face shaved could be so g’damn satisfying?

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