This is how much Australians spend on beauty treatments compared to the rest of the world

So THAT’S why we’re so broke.

By Erin Cook

It's no secret that we love a good manicure on a Saturday morning. If there's a better way to treat yourself for not being too hungover, we're yet to find it. However, this weekly ritual is probably costing us an arm and a leg in the long run.

According to the Beauty Price Index, compiled by Linio, Australians are forking out a LOT of money for beauty treatments compared to the rest of the world. The index ranked 50 countries from around the world, in terms of affordability, and Australia came in 45th place. Ouch!

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^ Us at the nail salon.

Average treatment prices in Australia

Mani-pedi: $38.43
Eyebrow wax: $8.89
Brazilian wax: $29.97
Women's haircut: $38.64

Which country has the most affordable beauty treatments?

Vietnam is the most economical country when it comes to getting pampered. By a long shot. Treat yourself to a Hoi An holiday and when you land on the ground, you'll pay a measly $6.60 for a mani-pedi. In fact, almost all pampering services will cost you less than $10.

India came in second place with a mani-pedi costing $8.85 and eyebrow wax setting you back $2.32.

To be honest, we're most annoyed by the fact Canada (32nd place), the UK (36th), New Zealand (38th) and the USA (43rd) all offer more affordable beauty treatments than us.

BRB, booking flights to Vietnam.

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