So this could be why we find pimple popping so goddamn satisfying

An expert has explained our obsession.

Why pimple popping feels good

It can be seriously hard to resist popping a pimple at times and it can be even harder looking away from those mesmerising zit zapping YouTube videos. (We’re looking at your Doctor Sandra Lee). And it’s a weird fascination we haven’t been able to understand until now.

Nicole Karcinski, a psychiatric and mental health nurse, has explained to Racked, just why pimple popping brings us so much satisfaction and apparently it could come down to our hormones.

"Releasing dopamine is what is truly the neurobiological basis of habit," she explains, "We do it, we feel good.”

So next time someone freaks out about your pimple popping binge watching, you can totally blame your hormones.

That said though, there is actually a serious condition where people compulsively pick at their healthy skin to the point where they cause damage (think bleeding and bruising), called dermatillomania, and it’s not so feel good.

So if your picking is getting out of control, it’s best to see your GP.

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