Ruby Rose has revealed what causes her to get acne on one side of her face, and honestly, thank you for educating us

Who knew?!

Ruby Rose is the Aussie VJ-turned-actress and singer that is dominating the game in the States — winning roles in our locked-up fave Orange Is The New Black and even putting her pipes to the test in Pitch Perfect 3.

Ruby was Down Under promoting her movie last week at the Sydney premiere, looking fresh as ever, but the star herself has opened up about one of her ~flaws~ that was called out on the red carpet.

Articles were circling that Ruby was struggling with acne — a problem we know all too well about! Though we thought she looked great, she posted this snap to her Instagram Story to reclaim her acne, and share that she was upset with some of the coverage during her trip home.

However, Ruby turned around the content, like a trooper, and revealed the reasoning why she sometimes breaks out just on one side of her face, and we are all ears because this shit is fascinating.

Apparently, according to Ruby’s dermatologist, the reason she may get spots on one side of her face and not the other is due to the “bacteria from all the phone interviews” and also as a reaction to “hotel pillow cases”.

Wait, so every time we are on the phone, or sleep on a new pillow, we’re pissing our skin off?!

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Though we’re gutted that Ruby isn’t chuffed with her skin RN, and that some nasty coverage of her tour has been happening, we are honestly super grateful that she has educated us on this. Thanks Rubes!

Now educate yourself some more by watching this video where Ruby Rose bravely opens up about suffering from depression: