Here’s exactly why you should reconsider using face wipes

Science says they aren’t all that crash hot for your skin.

Here’s exactly why you should reconsider using face wipes

You’ve had a big night out and you’re too busy getting receipt guilt to even be bothered with splashing your face and removing your makeup, so you turn to your trusty friend the face wipe. As much as you think you’re doing yourself a favour, new research suggests that the 30 second cleanse is actually worth it.

According to the study, pollution-related chemicals (AKA face-stalkers, because, everywhere!) actually wreak havoc on your skin, causing wrinkles and hyper pigmentation much like UV rays from the sun. Dermatologist, Dr Patricia Weller, told that by evening “bacteria and free radicals are just sitting on your skin, ready to destroy collagen.” She adds, "I'd sooner sleep in my clothes than go to bed without cleansing."

Now, we hate to be a Debbie Downer, but even though you think you’re wiping all that muck away with a face wipe, there are negatives.

“While wipes are super convenient, they leave ingredients on your skin because you’re not rinsing, and they can also push makeupintothe skin rather than taking it off. If a face wipe is your ONLY option, splash your face with water and towel dry afterwards. Or, try micellar water with cotton pads instead,” says Cosmo’s Beauty Director, Leigh Campbell.

Micellar soaked cotton pads are actually every face wipe addict’s dream, because they'll whip all that cake off your face and fast.

However, if we’ve converted you to properly cleansing forever, your options are ENDLESS with so many innovative products on the market. The trick is finding what works for your skin and using it properly.