This woman cut her fringe on camera and royally f*cked it up

Do NOT try this at home.

By Erin Cook

According to a study, 99% of women will consider getting a fringe at some point in their lives.*

French beauty vlogger Envy Deladyd is no exception to this rule. Recently, the YouTuber decided to have a shot at cutting her fringe herself – and the results were interesting, to say the least.

First of all, Envy seems to have gone a bit rogue with her technique. She begins by brushing a section of her hair forward and holding it in place with a comb.

Then, she runs a hair clipper along the length of the comb, snipping the hair and creating a fringe.

Safe to say, the Envy's unique method of creating a fringe didn't quite go to plan. She was left with a fringe much shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. Yikes!

If you're thinking about cutting your own fringe at home, we suggest you try the following method instead:

1. Wash hair and allow it to towel dry.

2. Grab a pair of scissors – preferably a pair specifically designed to cut hair.

3. Walk to the kitchen.

4. Throw the scissors in the bin.

5. Book an appointment at your regular hairdresser.

Bad fringes happen to good people – don't risk it by cutting one yourself.

Watch the entire video below:

*The author is referring to a fictional study that she just made up.