Women are now “microwaving” their underarms

Throw your razor out like, yesterday.

Women are now “microwaving” their underarms

In an effort to reduce hair growth and sweat, women are now “microwaving” their armpits. For real.

Before you jump to any crazy conclusions, let us clarify. Women are not stuffing their arms into microwaves like last night’s takeaway. In fact, it’s rather techy.

A global company, Miramar Labs have launched miraSmooth – a device which you can hold on your armpits to zap hair and sweat, no matter your skin or hair colour.

It looks a little bit like a laser hair removal gun and actually uses microwaves energy to minimise hair and perspiration. It works by heating the deeper levels of your skin where your sweat glands and hair roots live to zap them.

The whole process begins with lines being drawn onto the area to create a guide and local anaesthetic is applied to reduce the pain during the 40 minute session. Apparently there’s no downtime, even though these photos paint a slightly different picture. READ: bruising. Post-treatment, people can expect a pretty big improvement with their hair and sweat sitch.

"Using this technology we've seen stable axillary hair reduction of approximately 70% regardless of colour," Dr. Jeremy Brauer, Laser and Skin Surgery Centre of New York, told Cosmopolitan UK.

The treatment is only available in the US right now, so we'll keep mulling it over until there's news of an Aussie version.

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