Zac Efron just got a stripy beard and it looks cooked

What happened to Troy the basketball boy?

By Katie Stow

If you dare to do so, let your mind wander back a couple of months to when Zac Efron ruined everything good and pure in this world by getting dreadlocks.

The certified pretty boy stuffed to the brim with Disney Channel goodness has changed a fair bit since his High School Musical days, and his squeaky-clean look has gone out of the door with him.

First he got hella ripped for Baywatch (which we totally approved of), but now for his next movie, The Beach Bum, Zac has gotten probably the worst beard in existence.

He's paired the stripy beard with a dodgy moustache and spiked hair, making it so much worse:

Zac's character in the movie also seems to be into gold necklaces, Bluetooth earpieces and loud shirts — all things our eyes cannot comprehend on Troy Bolton's body.

Starring alongside Zac is fellow dreamboat-turned-daggy-dude Matthew McConaughey, as his character takes a similar turn for the worse, opting for grimy shoulder-length hair and a single dangly earring.

You can see them both in action in the full trailer for The Beach Bum here: