FYI: Zac Efron just got dreads, and we don’t know how to feel

Spoiler: not great.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
zac efron hair

For so long, we thought that Zac Efron could do absolutely no wrong. Never once did we have to question our attraction towards the actor and his droolworthy abs. In fact, we'd be the first ones to put our hands up and admit that we've had a HUGE crush on him since his since his High School Musical days …until he got dreadlocks.

Judging by his 'gram, Zac has spent the last few months on a Bear Grylls-esque boys trip with his equally smokin' younger bro, Dylan. Since the beginning of this trip, he's been sporting the scruffy beard, long hair thing, and we were into. it.

He's also been posting some low-key thirst trap pics, one of him giving a shackas on a surfboard, and another cuddling baby goats, and we weren't one bit mad about those either.

Then he posted this photo, and simultaneously killed all of our dreams.

As a potential July 4 gift to himself, Zefron documented his dramatic hair transformation on Instagram, saying he got locs "just for fun."

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TBH, he looked hotter playing creepy serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Our dislike aside, some of his fans were actually on board with his new dreads. One fan supported the actor, saying "Great new look don't listen to the haters. It's HAIR go for it". While another seemed slightly more affected by the switch up: "I'm literally pregnant after looking at this."

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But not all comments were positive. While scrolling through some of the 13,000 comments already left on the snap, it became pretty clear that some people's dislike of the style went way beyond looks. Many went so far as to accuse Zac of cultural appropriation.

One commenter came straight out and said "This is cultural appropriation dude", with others posting similar comments, including "Racist af #culturalappropriation", "This isn't appropriate" and "Love you Zac, but this is appropriation."

We wonder what his new GF, Alexandra Daddario feels about Zac's new 'do. We're going to guess not great.