Zac Efron insists on keeping his dreads and people are seriously pissed

Hun, you may want to scroll through your comments.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
zac efron dreadlocks

On July 6, Zac Efron unleashed his new dreadlocks on the world, and suddenly, no heartthrob was safe.

ICYMI, Zac posted this pic on Instagram showing off his new 'do, adding that the radical change was "just for fun."

TBH, we assumed he'd made the decision to get dreads on a whim. But, it seems Zefron's dreads might be sticking around for a while. The actor's brother, Dylan, posted this video on Instagram of the two of them on a road trip, proving that Zac's dreads are definitely still a thing.

Zac, you do you, but you mayyyyy want to scroll through your comments and Twitter mentions.

After posting the pic of his new dreads, the 30-year-old copped a TON of backlash for wearing the style, with many accusing him of cultural appropriation. The post, which now has over 1.5 million likes, was filled with comments including "This is cultural appropriation dude", "Racist af #culturalappropriation" and "Love you Zac, but this is appropriation."

And with the confirmation that Zac's dreads are still going strong, the critical comments are still flooding in in their hundreds:

While some people were offended on a cultural level, others just straight out hated on his locs:

Of course, a heap of Zefron loyals came running to his defence:

Let's just keep everything crossed that Zac picks up some clippers real soon.

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