Zoë Foster Blake wants you to stop doing this ONE THING with your makeup

We’re listening…

By Erin Cook

It’s safe to say that Zoë Foster knows a thing or two about makeup. The former beauty editor earned her well-polished stripes writing for Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar and Primped. So, when Zoë says she has a beauty tip, we put down our peanut butter toast and listen.

In a recent interview with Kate Waterhouse for the Sydney Morning Herald, Zoë revealed the one product that has had a good rap for far too long. The culprit? Black liner.

Show me a woman who doesn’t have black eyeliner somewhere in her beauty arsenal and I will show you a liar. So, why does Zoë think we need to put it away? “I think [black liner] is very unflattering on most women,” she said. “Black liner around the eye makes your eyes look smaller.”

However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on eyeliner altogether. “I think you should reassess, if you're a really big black liner user, maybe even just doing the top line, not lower, or try a brown or a plum or even a navy,” Zoë continued.

Please excuse us while we pop down to Sephora in search of a brown eyeliner.