The 1 product that will save your skin in winter, according to Zoë Foster Blake

Advice from the Go-To founder herself.

By Erin Cook

Remember a time when the days were long, nights were balmy and women around Australia were downing rosé like there was an impending shortage? So do we.

Alas, those days are over. While summer is our season of choice, winter isn't that bad; it comes with its own set of pros and cons. On the plus side, winter means mulled wine, hibernating and big cosy jumpers. However, on the other side of the equation, the cooler months have a tendency to make our skin freak. the. fck. out.

Not to worry! Go-To founder and beauty editor Zoë Foster Blake is here to help.

After moving from Sydney to Melbourne a few years ago, Zoë faced this problem head on. So, why does our skin freak out in winter? "I just think it's environmental," she tells Cosmopolitan. "Literally, the environment — particularly in Melbourne. It's the dry, winter winds."

Not only that, "I honestly think it's the 'insidesy-ness'. (Technical term.) I.e. heaters, air-con. It's the temperature regulation that often messes you up — particularly on a holiday. You know, when you go from cold to really hot and your skin freaks out? It's that. I think that the skin has a hard time regulating."

So, what's a girl (or boy) to do? Invest in a skincare booster.

"I always say add in a booster," Zoë continues. "So, Face Hero is obvious — an oil which is really nourishing. Just either use it solo or add a few drops into your face cream."

Face Hero ($45 at Go-To) contains a combination of soothing oils, including almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil and evening primrose oil (amongst others). Sukin Rosehip Oil ($19.99 at Priceline) or Jojoba Company Natural Australian Jojoba Oil ($19.99 at Priceline) would also do the trick.

Some of us (aka me) panic when their skin gets all flakey and irritated in winter — and then run to their nearest chemist to buy an entirely new slew of skincare products. Zoë says that those people (me) should, ah, stop that. "Don't freak out — stay calm."

"People think, 'oh my god, my skin's a little bit greasy, I must go hard on all the acids.' But very greasy skin can be very dry skin, and drying it out further is just going to mess up the sebum. It starts over controlling to balance it out and then freaks out even more."

"That's why you need a really balancing and nourishing oil. I honestly believe that if you just use that and your regular moisturiser, you'll be fine."