12 believable excuses to use in case you're planning on chuckie a sickie this Friday

Calling in sick this Friday? You're not alone.

By Sammy Stewart

This Australia Day (January 26) annoyingly falls on a Thursday, giving us an awkwardly placed working day on Friday. We don't know about you, but we're all about our consecutive long weekends, tyvm.

According to new research commissioned by HotelsCombined, 35% of Aussie workers have planned annual leave this week, while a cheeky 6% plan on chucking a sickie this Friday. These numbers are slightly higher than in 2016, and simply prove that us hardworking Aussies NEED long weekends.

Since chucking a sickie requires a lot of thought and patience (so it seems legit), we've come up with some FIRE excuses that'll help you 6% this Friday...

1. You fractured your hand during a LIT game of cricket on Australia Day, and definitely won't be able to type/do things with your hands.

2. After manning the BBQ all day on Thursday, you felt extreme levels of fatigue.

3. During a bushwalk with the fam on Australia Day, you encountered a baby kangaroo and have to stay home and look after it.

4. You legit ate too much on Straya Day and haven't recovered.

5. Your Australia Day party was so fire, you actually misplaced your keys and locked yourself in the house.

6. You got a concussion playing football with your brother and don't remember much of the day.

7. You've gotta drive all the in-laws and grandparents to the airport... cos apparently they all live too far to drive.

8. You developed a nasty rash. No further explanation required.

9. During a family kite flying session, you tripped over a rock and hurt your knee. You can't walk. (Remember to wear pants on Monday to work!)

10. Tell your boss you had to sit at the kids table during Australia Day lunch and picked up a contagious flu from your little nephew.

11. Your significant other surprised you with tickets to an exotic location and you simply can't refuse.

**12. You HAVE to the beach because doctor said you needed more vitamin D, asap.

Happy Australia Day!