So, you wanna be your own boss?

We've got your back.

By Shari Nementzik

Learn how to be your own boss from Kayla Itsines, Showpo founder Jane Lu and The Daily Edited co-founder Alyce Tran.

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Ever wanted to work for yourself? Of course you have. Silly question!

So, Cosmo's gathered three of the country's brightest entrepreneurs to show you how! Join Kayla Itsines, creator of the Bikini Body Guides and Sweat With Kayla app (but you already knew that, amiright?), Showpo founder Jane Lu, and co-founder of The Daily Edited, Alyce Tran, for an insightful, inspiring, blow-your-mind morning of insider tips by the best in the biz (not even joking).

Cosmo's first Be the Boss reader forum will help you take your business idea from first pitch to first payday - now!

Want to know how to get your idea off the ground? Well Kayla Itsines is your gal! She took an idea and turned it into a booming online fitness empire. With 11 million social media followers and counting, she's sure doing something right!

Got no money, honey? Don't worry! Jane Lu started with $0 to her name and now owns a multi-million-dollar fashion company. She's got all the tips and tricks to keep costs at a bare minimum.

And when it comes to branding, look no further than Alyce Tran. She's responsible for the growth plan and marketing of The Daily Edited - a range of customised leather accessories and stationary, which is taking the world by storm. #Truestory.

So, what are you waiting for? Chase those dreams! Tickets can be purchased here.

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