All the career change advice you’ll need to take the plunge

Time to get those ‘Yesss, it’s Monday’ feels. (They DO exist!)

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Chances are, you’ve got that friend. You know, the one who has her ~dream~ job and doesn’t curl up into foetal position on a Sunday night dreading the next five days to come. Believe it or not, you too can be that girl and love 9am more than 5pm… Say what? If Mondayitis is hitting you hard and you’d rather spring clean than work overtime, then perhaps it’s time for a career change? Here’s how to put it into action…

1. Do your damn research

Stop dreaming and start doing. While it may sound like an inspirational quote lifted straight from Hallmark, it couldn’t ring more true! Grab the closest sharpie and write down what you would do for work in a dream world – maybe think about what five year old you would say? Try and be realistic, but at the same time don’t let your insecurities make you doubt how much you’re capable of. You want to be a TV broadcaster or a lawyer, guess what? You can! Shoot for the stars GF, (sorry Hallmark, the royalties are on the way).

Once you’ve decided what field you want to work in, cover all bases by finding out exactly what that line of work entails. Ask yourself questions such as; Are you going to need to work for free initially? And if so are you willing? What’s the average pay rate? Is that liveable or desirable for your lifestyle? What kind of skills/qualifications do you need? Do you think your personal skills would translate well into this role?

2. Network like you’re Kim Kardashian circa 2001

We’ve all heard it a million times but the reality is that networking is of utmost importance - it really is the golden word. If we’d a dollar for every person we know who works in the media who got their job through networking, well, we wouldn’t need a job because we’d be ballin’. Yes, schmoozing is more important in some industries, but there’s a reason, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is such a famous saying.

So you want to be a teacher? Remember that friend of a friend who graduated in education years ago? Facebook her/ message her on LinkedIn. What about that teacher in high school who was your fav? Shoot her an email.

Mention that you’re thinking of going into their industry and ask them what their advice would be. If they know you’re keen and something comes up job/work experience wise, chances are you’ll be the first person to pop into their head. It’s also likely that they will help you get a leg up when it comes to crunch time of finding a job.

3. Educate yo’self

Yes, this may seem like an obvious step but you’d be surprised at how many people think they can just sashay straight into their dream job after doing one week of work experience and zilcho study. It’s always best to be armed with methods of study, not only will you learn invaluable skills while studying, but you’ll also be able to find out firsthand if it’s a field you want to invest your valuable time in.

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4. Get ALL the experience

Whoever said a student's life is an easy life obviously had a trust fund. When you take into account that you’re going to have to study, earn enough money to pay the bills – and potentially do work experience or intern one day a week to build up your experience, it can all seem a little daunting.

But, that being said, work experience/interning is an unavoidable step for a lot of careers. And the majority of the time they’re unpaid. While the on-the-job experience you’ll get and the contacts you’ll make are invaluable, you’re going to have to get good at juggling because those bills still need to be paid!

Cue, online study. You don’t have to step a foot inside a Hogwarts style institution to get your degree. Studying your course online allows you to slot it in when convenient to you, leaving you time for your day job (and social life). Check out Open Colleges – all of their courses are online.

5. Put your charming pants on and practice interviewing

If you’re switching careers, it’s likely that it’s been a while since your last interview. So, if you’re a bit dusty, make sure you brush up on your skills. Arrive early (number 1!), come prepared with ideas of what you’d like to do in the role, and know the company inside out. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your charm A-Game. bats lashes

6. Just hurry up and do it already!

The time has finally come for the next stage of your life. If you’ve ticked off all our boxes then chances are you’re all set to land the job of your dreams. Remember to keep in mind that as you’re freshly qualified, it’s likely you’ll have to work your way up. But with the right attitude (and skillful networking) you’ll be legging it up that career ladder in no time. You go, you good thing!

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