Why a mentor is your secret to success… and how Cosmo can help you land one

You’ll earn more, and not just in terms of money.

Whitney Port Kelly Cutrone

International Women’s Day is all about women supporting women – after all, where would we be without our fellow amazing ladies?

Whether it’s your friends, sisters, mum or workmates, having a supportive network of women is key to achieving success in all aspects of life.

But if we bring it back to work for a second – the place we spend most of our time – there’s the person who takes the form of a mentor. The difference between having a mentor and not having one could impact your confidence, your direction and, yes, your salary.

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Some people don’t need mentors, and that’s completely fine. But if someone was available to coach you through your biggest work-related hurdles – someone with more experience, who’s been in your position before – would you turn them down? Probably not.

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As Cosmo’s way of helping young women unlock their full potential, and kick serious career #goals, we’re giving some lucky people the chance to score year-long mentorships with some of Australia’s leading women in their respective fields, including PR guru Roxy Jacenko and Cosmo editor Claire Askew.

For more information on the mentors and how to enter, pick up a copy of the Cosmopolitan April 2017 issue with Hilary Duff, on sale tomorrow.