These are officially the least stressful jobs of 2017



If you've been stuck in a real stressful job for too long (shout out to retail), you might be considering a career change. If you're looking for a new gig, and you definitely want to avoid stressful situations, we have some suggestions for you.

CareerCast recently released a new report which dug up the top ten least stressful jobs in the world, some of which will probably surprise you (and, lbr, could bore you, too). The survey took into account all the relevant elements of the job, including travel, physical demands, hazards encountered, meeting the public, risk of death or grievous injury, deadlines and working in the public eye, and compiled this list:

10. Medical laboratory technician

9. Pharmacy technician

8. Operations research analyst

7. Jeweler

6. Medical records technician

5. University professor (tenured)

4. Audiologist

3. Hair stylist

2. Compliance officer

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer

Oh, and if you're wondering about the most stressful jobs of 2017, they are: