These are the jobs you should be going for if you want to make lots of money

Considering a (high-paying) career change?

By Jessica Chandra
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Talking about money can be a little awkward, but the fact is we need it to survive, and some of us are making a lot more of it than others.

SEEK this week released stats about the most and least paid jobs in Australia, and, well, if you’re not working in one of the top five best-paid industries, you may want to reconsider your profession, or look for a partner in one of those fields (jks).

Based on the jobs advertised on SEEK in the past 12 months, these are the five highest-paying jobs in Australia, and the average advertised salary.

  • Architects within the IT sector: $137,707
  • Engineering management: $133,530
  • Mining management: $133,169
  • IT management: $129,903
  • General practitioners (doctors): $129,635

How do we become architects within the IT sector?

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And as for the five lowest-paying jobs in Australia, and their average advertised salaries?

  • Administration data entry and word processing: $48,793
  • Retail assistants: $48,201
  • Manufacturing assembly and process work: $48,196
  • Receptionists: $46,926
  • Manufacturing pickers and packers: $44,104

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If you want to look at the bigger picture, these are the top 15 highest paying industries, and their average salaries.

  • Mining, resources and energy: $115,005
  • Consulting and strategy: $108,471
  • Construction: $106,693
  • Engineering: $103,247
  • Information and communication technology: $102,548
  • Legal: 92,684
  • Government and defence: $90,700
  • Healthcare and medical: $88,393
  • Banking and financial services: $88,005
  • Marketing and communications: $86,452
  • Science and technology: $85,452
  • Human resources and recruitment: $83,784
  • Accounting: $83,227
  • Insurance and superannuation: $81,446

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Of course, your happiness levels won’t necessarily go up just because your salary has, but a little extra cash never hurt…