How PR guru Roxy Jacenko runs a business while being in the public eye

‘I don’t sweat the small stuff – there ain’t time for that.’

By Mel Evans

There's no denying it: Roxy Jacenko is a dynamo businesswoman. She knows her shiz. But with being successful often comes the harsh light of the gossip columns. Isn't that fun?

From headlines about her eating a burger (woah, Nelly) to turning every.bloody.shot she posts on Instagram into a story, it seems we’re obsessed with knowing every move the lady makes.

Then the gossip-shit started to hit the proverbial fan 12 months ago, firstly when Roxy’s husband, Oliver Curtis, was sentenced to prison for insider trading, and then when Roxy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says she learnt quickly how to block out the noise of being in the public eye.

“The last 12 months have catapulted me into a sphere I never really thought I would be in,” she says on the latest episode of Cosmo’s podcast, The Buzz. “It’s been controversial and negative and affected my business in a big way. The reality is, it is what it is and I need to keep my focus and not really worry about it. [Gossip] is fish and chip wrapper tomorrow. It doesn’t get me down.”

With two young kids, Pixie and Hunter, it's a lot to take on in general. Add some pesky pap flashing his camera in your face and it’s enough to drive you crazy.

Saying she chooses to focus on her work and her family, instead of the media, the owner of Sweaty Betty PR and Ministry of Talent admits she's always been that way. So much so, she was so focused on work in the past she never thought she’d even have time for kids ('I had no idea how I'd balance the two').

Now, with two of them, she’s already passing her business smarts on in the hope it helps set them up for their future, with Pixie involved in her own business, Pixie’s Bows. (Because what were you doing when you were five, huh?)

‘My parents instilled in me, if you want, you work,’ she says. ‘That business is one she’s involved in, as random as it sounds for a five-year-old. She comes and helps me pick [the bows]. She knows what we’re doing; she understands it. As it grows, maybe it’ll be a business she takes over.’

And the business smarts are starting to sink in, as Roxy says Pixie is already opinionated on what she wants to do. And when it comes to her Instagram, she isn’t that keen anymore.

‘I don’t Instagram that much for her anymore, she’s getting to an age where she’s very opinionated about what she’s going to wear,’ Roxy says. ‘And the minute she’s not enjoying it, is the moment I don’t do it.’

Side note: Even if you’re not Roxy’s child, you can learn a thing or two as she hosts her third ‘In Conversation’ seminar on how to build a brand of your own, on April 28 in Sydney.

Date: Friday, April 28, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Venue: The Westin Sydney Ballroom,
1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
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