This is what you should be putting on your CV if you want it to stand out

According to Australia’s top career women.

Joey Tribbiani CV

If hiring managers had a dollar for every CV that’s come through their inboxes, well, let’s just say they probably wouldn’t need to be hiring managers anymore. (Because they’d have enough money to retire and relocate to some tropical island.)

Landing the job of your dreams isn’t easy, which is why you have to put a lot of effort into your CV. That piece of paper – or sizzle reel, depending on what industry you’re trying to get into – could make or break your chances of being one step closer to your dream job.

We asked some of Australia’s leading career women – who you have the opportunity to be mentored by – for the one thing people should put on their CVs in order to stand out.

Shivani Gopal, founder, The Remarkable Woman

A touch of your personality. As a leader I see many CVs come past my desk and they are usually filled with the same titles, similar roles and unfortunately buzz words.

The CVs that stand out for me are the ones that I remember – because I can feel the personality behind the CV. One of the most outstanding CVs I saw had a pie chart at the bottom indicating their levels of being a ‘film buff,’ ‘chilli enthusiast’ and ‘social butterfly.’ The role had nothing to do with being any of those qualities of course, but in a world where relationships really do matter, this person clearly understood how to foster them.

Roxy Jacenko, founder and director, Sweaty Betty PR

Make it one page, and don’t go back to jobs you had 10 years ago – keep it relevant and up to date.

Jan Fran, co-host, The Feed

Literally nothing. If you want a job in video/TV/content production, don’t tell people what you do, show them. Throw out your CV and make a show reel or create a website with all your info on it. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all. If you’ve got nothing to show, make something. Spend a week or two putting something together – include photos, blog posts anything to show people who you are and what you’re about.

Selena Mazuran, founder, FBI Fashion College

Outstanding achievements! Spend time listing why you are a high achiever. This can include past roles, courses, sport or hobbies. CVs look and read the same; you have to show employers that whatever you do you do it better than most other people. Therefore you will perform better than most other people in this role.

Mandi Wicks, director of audio and language content, SBS Radio

My advice is to tailor your CV to the organisation you are seeking to join. Really think about their purpose and values and how you can contribute. Too many CVs are generic and fall flat as a result.

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