This sexist recruiter advises women to take off their engagement rings *massive eyeroll*

Who is this guy?

By Erin Cook

Introducing Bruce Hurwitz: a hot-shot male recruiter from the US who thinks women should take off their engagement ring before a job interview.

Why, you ask?

Well according to Hurwitz, women who wear sizeable engagement rings to interviews tend to not get the job.

We’re listening…

Hurwitz cites the case of a qualified woman – with quite a large rock on her finger – who went to interview after interview with no job offers. She eventually took the recruiter's advice and left her ring at home, which led to a great interview and a subsequent job offer.

According to Hurwitz, women with large engagement rings are selling themselves short. “When a man sees that ring, he immediately assumes you are high maintenance,” he said. I’m sorry, what?

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But wait, there’s more! “When the woman at the office who has the largest diamond on her finger sees that ring, she will realise that if you are hired she will fall to second place and will, therefore, not like you.”

Okay, now we’re mad.

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On what planet is this NOT sexist? Using Hurwitz’s logic, does this also mean that employers think men who wear expensive accessories – such as a Rolexes – are too ‘high maintenance’ to be an employee? Better leave your Armani suit at home, fellas! You might make the other men jealous.

Our advice? If you have an engagement ring and want to wear it, go for it! In fact, why don’t you wear all of your bling while you’re at it?

You can go shave your back now, Hurwitz.

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