Unemployed legend lands 10 job interviews by delivering his resume inside a doughnut box

And posing as a delivery man.

By Amber Manto
Man delivers recruiters his resume inside a doughnut box

In what might be the most genius career move of the millennium, some legend bribed his way to securing 10 interviews by sending recruiters his resume inside a box of sweet, sweet doughnuts. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t like doughnuts?!

Lukas Yla, a 25-year-old marketing professional living in San Francisco, found himself out of work. So to stand out from the piles of 12pt Times New Roman resumes recruiters receive every day and showcase just how freakin’ brilliant he is at marketing a product (himself in this case) he decided to combine his written skill set with baked goods.

But here’s where the story gets even better. In true Catch Me If You Can style, Lukas then posed as a delivery person so he could HAND DELIVER his delish parcels direct to company recruiters.

"I was looking for the most direct way to reach decision makers at the companies," Lukas told Thrillest. "I thought, that I might fail competing only on 'resume' level with other candidates that have work experience in San Francisco."

It’s a strategy that’s certainly paid off, with recruiters posting about his smart idea on social media.

Brilliant. Somebody give this guy a medal, or at least a job already.