Bye Felicia: It's officially is National Go Home On Time Day

Catch ya on the flipside, motherf*ckers.

By Isabelle Truman
national go home on time day

Alright people, it's time to shut up shop because today is officially national Go Home On Time Day.

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After a study revealed that the average full-time Australian worker does 5.1 unpaid overtime hours a week, adding up to 264 per year (!!!), the Australia Institute introduced Go Home On Time Day in an attempt to make Aussies leave the office at the time they're actually supposed to.

At least one day a year, anyway.

The study worked out that by doing so much overtime, us workers are donating $116 BILLION worth of hours to our bosses, every single year, or an extra 14 per cent of work over and above our yearly salary.

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The institute also surveyed 891 workers to find that more than half of them weren't using their whole holiday leave allowance. If that were to reflect Australia as a whole, there would be a whopping 48 million unused holiday days per year.

Actually, don't just leave the office right this minute. Go home and book a holiday too.