9 signs she's your work bestie

Every girl needs a soulmate colleague.

By Cosmo Team

  1. You like all the same things... Coffee, Buzzfeed, Ryan Gosling? OH MY GOD, me too!

  1. Tea and coffee trips are done together and always involve speaking in hushed tones about office goss or personal stuff.

  1. Whenever you start seeing a guy you tell her EVERYTHING. In intimate detail.

  1. She’s off sick for one day? You text her twice every hour.

Next day: “We have SO much to catch up on!”

  1. You cover for each other’s sickies ’cos you’re such a good friend. “Oh, the poor thing is SO sick,” you tell colleagues.

  1. You notice anything new in her usual work ensemble within about 1.3 seconds of seeing her in the morning.

  1. She’s your ultimate wingwoman at every work event and your Instagram is full of selfies with her. #blessed #officebitch

  1. You know you can always vent to her about annoying people at work and it goes in the vault. Ahhh, stop breathing so loudly!

  1. ... And is always there for you when things actually get really stressful and you feel like you just can’t deal.

Aww, colleague love. What's your fave thing about work besties?