Office temperatures are designed for men’s comfort

Who knew air conditioning could be sexist?

Finally, there’s an explanation for why we’re always so bloody freezing at work. Apparently, most office air-con temps are set according to some archaic calculations in the era of Mad Men, when guys ruled the office and their comfort came first – along with long drags on ciggies and glasses of whisky.

Scientists, who published their study in the Nature Climate Change* journal, explain that the temperature comes down to a mathematical formula developed in the 1960s, which was based on a 40-year-old man who weighs 70 kilos. "This may cause buildings to be intrinsically non-energy efficient in providing comfort to females," the researchers wrote.

In other words, it’s like a scene from Frozen but we can’t “Let it gooooo.”

Their study measured the average metabolic rate and body temperature of 16 women who were performing light office work. They found the women's metabolic rates were lower than average, meaning women produce less heat than men.

The study concluded that buildings should “reduce gender-discriminating bias in thermal comfort”.

Yes! Crank up the heaters please, we're feelin' a little too much like Rose.